Conan Doyle A. Tales of twilight and the unseen


A master of many literary genres, Arthur Conan Doyle excelled particularly in the short-story form, and was acclaimed in his day as much for his detective stories as for his thrilling tales of mystery and the supernatural. While the adventures of Sherlock Holmes have become part of our collective imagination, these stories – concerned with ghosts, obscure scientific experiments and other unexplained phenomena – are now unjustly neglected.
First published in 1922 and here presented in a fully annotated edition – the only currently available to English readers – this collection will offer the opportunity to discover a lesser-known side of this master storyteller’s ability to surprise and enthrall.
Contains: ‘The Brown Hand’, ‘The Usher of Lea House School’, ‘B.24’, ‘The Great Keinplatz Experiment’, ‘Cyprian Overbeck Wells’, ‘Playing with Fire’, ‘The Ring of Thoth’, ‘The Los Amigos Fiasco’, ‘How it Happened’, ‘Lot No. 249’, ‘De Profundis’, ‘The Lift’.

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